Friday, May 23, 2008

Scrap-N-Crop Contest

That day, when i was browsing thru scrap-n-crop, then i found out that they are having contest. The contest is something like the fashion project runway concept. WOW, very interesting. Follow the like below:

So i register and submitted my work. As usual i didn't hope for wining, just for fun :) After that i forget about it until my friend, she asked me, "did you go check on the wining list?" No, i didn't. At that time, i only slow motion go to the web page and have a look. That moment, my feeling is, haiyo, my name sure not there, because so many people around the world enter the competition. When i was there at that page...look at the name, and it is so small. haha...i'm reading...ohh..this is my friend..and that one also my friend in forum, oh god, how come my name is there.....hahaha!! i want to said Sh*t! haha, coz I'm not prepared. :( nervous!!!

2 days later, the 1st challenge is out. It was yesterday story and some more other people already submit their work. But i haven't start yet. i still in the progress of browning magazine selecting my ads. Not sure where to start.

My brain is thinking about the challenge, my body telling me to go aerobics, belly dance and swimming....not doing my layout.....what to do?? not getting into the mood.

That's the reason i'm here blogging while i'm eating my supper and drinking cola - trying to get fat, hahhaa, actually not!, i'm trying to relax myself, looking for the mood to start.

I think today story will end here. Weekend i sure will need to work it out coz Tuesday is the due date. Good night!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kah Mei-Smith, Fontwerks Workshop

This morning i wake up early and heading for Kah Mei-Smith workshop. It is a fun class and i learn new things, meet some nice ppls. Here's some photos sharing.

This is Sarah. She sit beside me in the class. Sarah-> cute and lovely little gal.
Here's another Sarah. So 2 Sarahs in the photo. Small Sarah look alike her mother, Ester.
This is my supplier for today scrapbooking class.
Hey, my finished product: Best of Me, 6x6 minibook.

We are using UTEE for "ME" but is not thick enough again. Never mind, this is my 1st time UTEE, try an error. hehe!

We are using wax for this 2 stars....and i put a layer of UTEE on it as well. ;p

I like the shrink plastic. It is amazing. 1st we ink it with staz on then put it in oven. Then it twise like ugly and i start to worried. But after like few second it is flat and nice. of cause it shrink to smaller size.

that's all....till next time.

Sabrina's Farewell Gift

Finally i have done our gift for Sabrina. Gals take a look. I'm sorry that i made the cover too small then now end up it is bare back. hehe.

Front cover: I used crack pain and i did some embossing for the frame at the back ground and the brads as well using distress embossing powder from Ranger.

Here's the closer look. The crack paint din cracked well, coz is too thin. Hmmm, should put thicker.
Ha ha, here's the bare back. I tie the string and crochet a flower for decoration.
Closed up look for my crochet flower.
This page is front Yee Ping, our small little sister: (we all scolded her as she made the other pages looked very normal)
This is from Thiam Siew the HR:
This is from Joyce:
This is from Fandy the programmer:
This is from Jamie, our finance's tai ka cheh:

Ohhh, now is my turn:
This is from Rebecca, the department head:
This is from Kate the mom to be:
This is from Chai Ling, sabrina's supervisor:
and this is from Mun Ching, our section head:
I have every one did have fun and wish Sabrina the best in her new job and enjoy reading the gift from all of us.