Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm The Winner for Smidapaper 5xLove Challenge

Can you believe it? i cannot believe it.

Just now i went to Smidapaper's website, then i saw my layout there and I'm thinking, how come my layout is there? am i going to the wrong website? i went to babyorangenail instead? i pause a few seconds and me!! I'm the winner. OMG!

Take a look. Follow the link:

Then my hubby ask me what happen, because I'm scamming. I said:"dear dear, i win, i win!!" haha....he also don't believe it. haha. But he used to not so supportive. He said:" i think only a few person joined, that's why." =.=" Cheh, don't care about him. ;p

After that i directly give Yee Ping (my scrapbook pal) a call. She is scamming over the phone too. At first she think i lie to her. Because i laugh while I'm talking to her. She is so happy as well.

Really...i really don't think of wining. I still remembered I-Mei asked me whether i going to join or not. i answered her: "No, I'm new, no confident". She said:"Who's know? anything can happen." After a few days, suddenly i have come out with the title for 5xLove. So i just do it and last minutes send the photos. Never think of wining, just for fun and get experience.

Any one going to Smidapaper tomorrow? hhmm...I think I'm not going to collect my prize tomorrow. Maybe next week.

All right everyone, i need to go off now. Thanks for sharing the happiness and thanks for everything. See you gals around. Bye for now!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photosssssss sharing

Birthday Gift for Jamie:
This coming Sunday is Jamie b'day. I made this errmm...what shall i call it? card? nope! envelop? ...whatever! See the photos below then determine yourself,..hehe..i don't mind.
i made this because i need something to wrap my gift, and i need a card as well. so i just combine it. and i really like vintage look stuff. so it end up vintage. I'm sorry Jamie, i knew u like pink. :p

Hope she din read my blog yet. I'm going to present her tomorrow morning.

My Scrapbook layout for Smidapaper's Challenge:
5 things you love most!! Din hope to win. Just join for fun only.

Pink Rose's brooch for Jamie's wedding:
Actually she also order bracelets from me. but i haven't done it yet. So lazy. hehe. When i done it. promised will post the photos here. ;p

Nice? You like it?