Thursday, July 10, 2008

Project Scrap Away Challenge 8

Hello~~ I'm back again. I'm sorry that such a long time, i didn't blog. All because of I'm busy with Scrap-n-Crop contest. So far i still in the contest. For those did not follow the contest, just to let you know this week is challenge 8 - going black and white. Black and white is my favourite style too.

Here i attached with some of my previous challenge photos. Enjoy and do leave your comments here ya! :)

In conjunction with challenge 8, Scrap-n-Crop come out with a twist for the last 8 finalist. They called it: Blog your way to immunity. Which mean, i will need to accumulate points, who has the highest points will win this immunity. So if i win this immunity, i can prevent myself for elimination. But if i used it this time, I'm not allow to join the immunity again.

What i need to do:

Here's how it works:
1 point scored for the blog entry made by the existing 8 challengers in their own blogs on PSA Challenge 8
2 points scored if the 8 challengers' blogs entry on PSA Challenge 8 has more than 5 comments
2 points scored if a 3rd party mentions your name and PSA Challenge 8 in their blog entries.

"PSA Challenge 8" MUST be linked to PSA Challenge 8 blog.

If "Scrap-n-Crop" is quoted in your blog, it MUST be linked to

What you need to do to help me to win this immunity?


First create a blog entry about me and PSA Challenge. Ensure you link to then go to

Insert the link of your particular blog entry to the Comments section of the PSA blog with your name as the prefix.

e.g. Seang Ling - friend {your link here}

Non Blogger:

For those do not blog, don't worry, you also can help me to win points by leaving comments in this blog entry. Every 5 comments i will earn one point.

That's all what you need to do!! Your support will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your support.